The t-shirts with the lettering are an original alternative to blouses, shirts, bon ton t-shirts and as they will be the center of attention and all eyes will be focused on them, it will be better to choose the models that you wear brush .

The classic ones, with short sleeves, in cotton and with hyper colored writing are the best choice during the hot season, they are an easy garment easy to wear, but it is always better to try them before buying them in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

In the case of online purchases, before getting caught up in the frenzy and removing the tag from the t-shirt you just bought, make sure that the size you have chosen is the right one and that this model will value you just enough.

How should the ideal t-shirt be? Not too short but not too long, not overly adherent but not overly oversized: in short, you absolutely have to try it before making a final choice.

As for the necks, it’s all a matter of taste. AV, round, boat: no matter what you choose, what matters is that your t-shirt has written and messages that are noticed.


Have you ever thought about wearing t-shirts like sexy and cool short dresses? Think about it, it could be the turning point of your style for summer 2018.

The mini dresses are a great classic of the summer but, you want or do not want to, always end up appearing hyper romantic, feminine and affected. And you do not always have the right mood to wear elegant short dresses . Quite right?

The solution is soon said, start shopping in the men’s department and you will have great satisfaction. 

The t-shirts in size XL or L for boys have different proportions compared to the samples designed for us girls. The bust and chest are more roomy and generous, and they have that oversized effect that has become part of the women’s wardrobe in all respects.

If a white t-shirt falls on him perfectly, it turns into a white short dress on you, with which to show off or not tan and crashing legs. Let the long t-shirts take the place of the usual short dresses and abbin both chunky sneakers and low sabot, and wide-heeled boots in total harmony with the diktats of the 90s fashion.